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Len recently starred in the "Audience Favorite" Award winning comedy film Crew a 2007 official selection of the 48 Hr. Film Project.  Crew showcases Len as part of a team of roadside workers; you know the city workers that when you drive by in your car you say to yourself, "What are they doing over there just standing around?"  Well in this very funny comedy you discover what they really do.

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Len plays a rich plantation owner who trades his daughters true happiness, in order to maintain his wealth and position in society, Ten Paces is currently running in film festivals around the world.

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Inspired by the visual style of Edward Gorey and based on the fairy tale, Rumplestiltskin, The Cobbler's Daughter is the story of an artisan fallen on hard times who encounters a mysterious Tinker. The Tinker offers to sharpen all of the Cobbler's tools for free, but many years later the Tinker returns for payment.  The Cobbler's Daughter is currently running in film festivals.

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11 Minutes Ago "Winner of Best Sci-Fi Film and Best Screenplay" in the 2007 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival http://www.horrorscifi.com/awards.html

Len starred in the award winning Sci-Fi Indie Feature Film 11 Minutes Ago which made its Hollywood Premiere July 2007. This wonderful time travel-romance Indie film was in rehearsals for two weeks and then shot entirely in one day!

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Written & Directed by David Kittredge

Produced by Sean Abley

PORNOGRAPHY - A THRILLER is a gripping psychological thriller about two different men, both driven to uncover the facts surrounding the bizarre disappearance of a famous adult film actor. This is a smart, trippy, intense thriller, influenced by directors like Cronenberg and Lynch, destined for heavy festival play and sold-out midnight screenings.